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Analyse critique des réformes de la règlementation de la distribution française

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Marie-Laure Allain, Claire Chambolle, Clémence Christin.
Concurrences N° 4- I Tendances 16- Régulation concurrentielle du secteur de la grande distribution 
Publication year: 2011

The Recent Economic Debate on the Welfare Effects of Resale Price Maintenance

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Marie-Laure Allain, Claire Chambolle
Concurrences 3, Pages 14-16.
Publication year: 2008

Fair Trade Labeling: Inside or Outside Supermarkets?

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Sylvaine Poret, Claire Chambolle
Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization. Volume 5, Issue 1, ISSN (Online) 1542-0485
Publication year: 2007

Growers vs. Merchants Bargaining on the Price of Champagne Grapes and The Role of Contracts when Bargaining is Unbalanced

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Claire Chambolle, Olivier Saulpic
Journal of Wine Economics , Volume 1, Number 2, Pages 95–113
Publication year: 2006